Good, free music (and legal) in WMA format

Most of the people I know seem to have an iPod but what they will all admit is that the Windows Media player format for a song sounds a lot better than what you can get from iTunes and so they just wish there was a WMA player that had the same form factor and usability as the iPod.

MSN Music is doing a promotion on their site over the next few days where you can get free music in the WMA format.  This is not like free songs you see on the iTunes site for a band you have never heard of but is the MSN Music editor’s choice for the Grammy award this year.  Here is the schedule of songs so just visit each day and you can download a song for free that is up for an award:
Tuesday (2/8) best pop vocal performance, male and female.
Wednesday (2/9) "best song" in rock.
Thursday (2/10) rap.
Friday (2/11) R&B.
Saturday (2/12) country

If you can put up with the Heinken advertising long enough to answer one trivia question you can get a free song download on MSN Music of any song of your choice.  Not just Grammy songs even though this is also a Grammy contest; and then click on the Play all access challenge.  The answer is “Thriller”.  You might have to click on the reload button to start the contest.  Also you need to have flash installed and of course be 21 or older because it is a beer company that is doing the promotion.  If you answer enough questions including some where you need to have a bottle of their beer in front of you or it is almost impossible to know the answer you can get another three free downloads.



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