Great music coming out of Seattle

Like the early ’90s there is some great music coming out of Seattle right now.  It is not the grunge scene per se but is actually more pop and what I would call pop rock or straight rock.  When I was growing up in Seattle it was hard to see the local bands.  Most places where the bands were playing where bars where of course you needed to be 21 or older to get in and see bans like Green River, Mother Love Bone, or Soundgarden.  I was able to work around that by looking older than I was and also via a "fake" id.  Seattle today has a great venue that is a supported all ages club where you can see great music regardless of how old you are.  The venue is called the Vera Project.  Beyond just being a venue they also sponsor programs for students where they can take classes to learn all about the music business from putting on shows to doing the sound to performing.  KNDD, one of the local alternative radio stations, has put an inexpensive CD (19 songs for only $6.99) with a lot of the new (and some old) local Seattle music — all live stuff.  I have seen most of these bands live and they are all really solid.  Many have already signed major label deals and there is a lot of buzz about many more.  Buy the CD and go to MSN music or iTunes and get more music from these bands.  It will not be a poor choice to do so.
Live From the Morning Alternative: Volume One.  Get it on-line here or if you are in the Seattle area you can get it at Sonic Boom locations, Easy Street stores, Sliver Platters, or the Tower Records (U-dist or Queen Anne).
1.  Mountain Con – I Woke Up and the Morning Was Grey
2.  Visqueen – A Viewing
3.  Presidents of the United States of America – Lump
4.  Damien Jurado – Ohio
5.  Gosling – Mr. Skeleton Wings
6.  Pretty Girls Make Graves – We Don’t Serve Pork, But We Do Serve Pigs
7.  Death Cab For Cutie – The Sound of Settling
8.  The Divorce – Yes!
9.  The Ruby Doe – All These Good Deeds
10.  Alien Crime Syndicate – The Hustla Life
11.  The Lashes – Death By Mixtape
12.  Harvey Danger – Sad Sweetheart of the Rodeo
13.  Mon Frere – Clever Boy
14.  Common Heroes – Gold Star
15.  Idiot Pilot – To Buy a Gun
16.  Rocky Votolato – Mix Tapes/Cellmates
17.  MxPx – My Life Story
18.  Smoosh – Rock Song
19.  Schoolyard Heroes – Bury the Tooth of the Hydra and the Skeleton Army Will Arise


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