I have gone to the darkside.

The plan was simple.  Just cross of the days until May 19th (give or take a day) and go and see the final installment in the Star Wars series.  I will not go out on the web and look for details for the movie.  I have stayed away from Starwars.com and any pictures or stories that might exist.  I have been preparing myself mentally by reading a few of the clone war novels that take place between Episodes II and III.  Right now I am reading Star Wars: Labyrinth of Evil by James Luceno which really is a great bridge novel between the movies.  Then a couple of weeks ago it happened.  I got a new Lego catalog and low and behold the there are new Lego sets for the new movie.  But wait!  The descriptions of the sets seem to give away more of the story than I really want to know!  I read a great blog the other day that summed up how I felt at the time <WARNING spoiliers in the blog entry link>.
Last weekend I went and saw the movie Fever Pitch and what movie trailer appeared before that 20th Century Fox movie?  Well of course the new Star Wars movie.  This was not the teaser trailer but a trailer that starts to give away plot points in addition to what I had already seen with the Legos.  OK now I am really grumpy!
Do I find out more about the plot or do I wait for May 19th?  Do I? Don’t I? Do I? Don’t I?
Well I finally gave in.  I ordered the Xbox game which I knew would give up the plot.  I went into the Barnes & Nobel in University Village and bought a copy of the book based on the screen play and movie although I am not sure when I am going to get a chance to start to read it.  The cool thing is that Matthew Stover the author of book will be in the Barnes and Nobel on April 27th at 7:30 pm to sign copies and do a Q & A session.

My promise to you is that I will not write any spoilers nor will I talk to you about the movie in person until May 19th.

UPDATE: I got tickets to the Seattle charity preview showing which is on May 12!  If you want to support a good cause and see the movie early you can get tickets to the Seattle shows from here; http://www.alliance4ed.org/community_starwars.cfm.


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  1. LegoHamlet says:

    You just can\’t stop the marketing jugernaught of Star Wars. I too was disappointed that the Lego and other toys basically gave away some of the plot points of the new movie. If you stop in at the Lego store in Bellevue you can get a good close-up look and all the sets and start piecing together the whole movie. I think I\’m going to pick up the sets in May but I won\’t open them until after I see the film. The energy level for this film is so low. I wonder if the hype will ever grow to match any of the previous films?

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