Sonics vs. Hornets

Because I had gone to the CD release party I was a bit late for the Sonics vs. New Orleans Hornets game (am I the only one who thinks Charlotte when they think of the Hornets?).  I showed up with about eight minutes left in the second quarter.  By then the Sonics were hopelessly ahead.  That is great because they had been sitting on one win or a Denver Nuggets loss to become the first team to win a Northwest Division Championship.  The game itself was uneventful.  It was fun to see Dan Dickau who had played for the UW and also Gonzaga and also grew up in Washington State.  The Sonics win 97-72 so let the celebration begin.  Things were flying into the stands.  I got a Frisbee and I scanned the top that has the phrase “It’s On”.  They had been giving things away during the game like warm-up jerseys but post game was crazy.  Tons of tee-shirts.  Signed mini-basketballs.  Full sized basketballs.  Over half of the team signed their shoes and threw them up into the stands – I almost got hit in the head by a shoe because I was busy jumping for a tee-shirt.  Interestingly enough most of the players took out their insoles before they tossed their shoes to the crowd.  I was surprised when the banner came down in the raftors.  Normally they wait until the begining of the next season to do so.
Despite the surprising year – I challenge you to find someone who thought the Sonics would be in the playoffs let alone division champs, I am not too confident about our post season chances.  Right now we have too many players hurt or just coming off being hurt.  I hope they prove me wrong.




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