Video Games Live

Saturday night I was at the Paramount theatre to see Video Games Live.  I had read the day before that while they had planned to have 25 dates on this tour they had basically canceled the whole thing other than the Seattle and Vancouver shows.  If you had not heard about it the VGL is basically a concert.  A full orchestra with a choir will do the music from many different video games.  They showed mostly cut scenes from the games as the music was preformed.  There was also a big light show and lasers to add to the effects.

Becky Young started the evening by bring up on stage the three finalists in the costume contest (and I thought people were just dressing up since it was near Halloween).  There was a guy from Mortal Combat, a guy from Final Fantasy, and a little boy dressed up as Mario even with a big thick mustache.  I wanted Mario to win but the guy from Mortal Combat won a boom box and a CD of the music played that night.  Jack Wall was the director for the evening.  You might know his work from the third Myst game.  Tommy Tallarico who is on G4TV was kind of the MC for the evening.  After an intermission two people from the audience played the game Frogger while the orchestra played live in context music for it.  A 10 year old boy beat a 25 year old boy by 10 points and won an AMD64 laptop decked out with the Ferrari logo on it.

Over all it was an interesting night.  I am not sure if I would do it again.  The Seattle Orchestra has been playing a few different things this year like music from Warner Brothers cartoons and then another night of Star Wars music.  I could see going to see them play when they did something like this.  I really do not need the cut scenes or the lasers to enjoy the music.  Actually I would have enjoyed to see the games in action instead of the cut scenes.


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