Huskies vs. Beavers

Today was Homecoming at the University of Washington and I was at Husky stadium.  The Oregon State University Beavers were in town.  The Huskies continue to struggle and they did not score a touchdown until the end of the game but then again the Beavers did not score a touchdown also.  The final score had the Dawgs losing 18-10.  All week long the Seattle media has been questioning if Stanback should be replaced with DuRocher for the Dawgs and really in my mind the question is still unanswered even with Johnny DuRocher playing the whole second half.  Stanback was 5 for 12 for 104 yards and a lost fumble that would have at least gotten the Dawgs three points in the first half.  DuRocher was 11 for 30 for 103 yards with a fumble, interception, and a touchdown pass.
It rained the whole game and it was fairly windy with the wind coming off of the lake.  The rain did not stop the Beavers running game and Yvenson Bernard ran for 122 yards.  Of note was that the six field goals by OSU tied a 21 year old Pac-10 record.
I went to the game with my dad who went to OSU and my brother who like me went to the UW.  At least one of us enjoyed the afternoon.  The Beavers just need one more win to go to a bowl.  The loss by the Dawgs put them out of any running for the mythical NW championship.  The Dawgs moved to 1-8 for the year and 0-6 in the Pac-10 games. 

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