Facebook reminds me that I am old

While MySpace is all of the rage with younger kids the website Facebook is a lot bigger with the college crowd.  I think it was about two years ago when Facebook opened it up to a few companies like Microsoft and a I grabbed an account.  Now I think it is fairly wide open to others but college is still the main set of people.
A nice feature which I guess also can be found on MySpace is the ability to search for people from your same high school.  Of course for my graduating class I was the only one (now I see like 5 for a class of 600 or was it 800?) and as I walked back looking at each year after mine I did not see many people until you get to high school grads from the last 5 or 6 years.  As I went through the list, who do I see?  Why it is young Alex who I used to babysit when I was 15 or 16 years old.  Alex graduated from the UW last year and is already married.  It so strange to think that someone that I babysat at an age under 7 is now a college grad and married.
Maybe my real problem is that I really have never grown up — at least mentally. 

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