The obligatory Christmas post

Christmas started for me at midnight at a mass at Holy Family in Auburn, WA.  This was a bit unique for a couple of reasons.  The first was that the mass was at midnight.  In previous years due to the shortage of priests the midnight mass was at 10 pm so that they priests would have more time to rest and also do an additional mass on Christmas day itself.  The second reason it was unique was that it was the 100th Christmas mass in the church.  It is interesting to think that the parish is now 100 years old — almost as old as the city itself.
Christmas day was somewhat uneventful.  The thought was that you got to sleep in and then open what was in your stocking.  My brother and his family were not arriving until the 26th so that was when the majority of the present opening would occur.  I was made to wake up at 10 am which made me a bit grumpy since I rarely have a chance to sleep in.  By noon, there were large groups of snowflakes falling every few minutes and a couple hours later it actually looked like it was snowing or perhaps it was rain with snow.  It was 36 degrees so it was a bit too warm and it did not stick at all to the ground so we really did not get a white Christmas.  Snow in and of itself is unique in the Seattle area and I can only remember a few times in the last 37 years when there was any snow at all on the ground for Christmas.
On the afternoon of the 26th my brother and his family arrived at my parents house and so the unwrapping could begin.  Here is the list of things I received over the holidays.  Thanks again to everyone who gave me a gift.
Six fancy glass ornaments in the shape of hearts — I think they are German made
Box of See’s chocolates
Candy Cane ornament with my name on it
Mikasa oversized bowl 11"
Mikasa vegetable bowl 9 3/4"
60 feet of Ethernet cable
U. of IL "Fall Welcome 2006" College of Applied Health Sciences t-shirt
Two kitchen towels
A pair of Champion boxer briefs
Six pairs of Hanes premium dry socks
"What to Drink with What you Eat" The definitive guide to pairing food with wine, beer, spirits, coffee, tea — even water — based on expert advice from America’s best sommeliers. By Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page
Betty Crocker’s Diabetes Cookbook
Diabetes Cookbook for Dummies
1600 Microsoft Points
Champion workout shorts
250 ml clear pump to store liquids
"What Catholics Really Believe — Setting the Record Straight" by Karl Keating
Sponge holder
Gingerbread man ornament
Cuisinart 3.5" Parer
Chocolate marshmallow christmas tree candy
An IOU to do my laundry
Bounce (246 sheets!)
Ultra Downey
Ultra ECOS (6216 mL)
Seattle second annual Snowglobe from Pacific Place
Mikasa water pitcher
Santa Claus decoration
Christmas stocking
2 sand dollar ornaments
3400 Phinney Nib Brittle Dark Chocolate bar (
Spode Christmas napkins
Seashore Bath salts
Dove Beauty Body Wash Cool Moisture (cucumber & green tea scent)
Festive tin
Handmade candies and treats
Friendlies Bone porcelain China Knot (Beijing 2008 Olympics)
Happy holidays and thanks again for the gifts!

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