Sonics vs. Suns & Lemony Snicket

Friday night I went and watched the Sonics lose a close game to the Phoenix Suns.  The best teams in the West (record-wise) went at it and now Seattle has five losses (their second at home) and the Suns still only have three.  I think the Timberwolves will win the NW division but it is fun to have the Sonics on top while it lasts.  In his second year in the league Amare Stoudemire is playing like a dominating player and you can really see how the Suns have turned it around.

I took Ernest, my little, from the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program to the game and I think he had a good time.  I have great seats this year.  I am sharing season tickets in the first row of permanent seats right between the end of the Sonics bench and the center court line.  The announcers for the Soinics TV/Radio broadcast sit right in front of us.  I also have a six game pack 10 rows up from the court in the corner across from the visiting team bench.  Last night we were in the "good" seats.  I think we even got on the ESPN broadcast during one of the timeouts.  The Soncis lead for most of the game and had a 12 or maybe it was 17 point lead in the first half only to have it be a two point lead at half time.  They were tied or lead most of the second half also but really no more than five or seven points.  In the last minute and a half they blew the lead and that is all she wrote in the 112 to 110 loss.  Both teams play a great run and gun style this year but the Suns had much better defense.  There was at least three times when the shot clock expired on the Sonics.  There were also many fowls called in the game.  It was one of those nights when Danny Fordson could not get a break with the officals which cost the Sonics a bit.

On Saturday Ernest and I went to go see the movie Lemony Snicket’s A series of unfortunate events.  Visual it reminded me of a lower budget Tim Burton film — still very cool in my book but you could just see more of the sets.  At times you could tell they kept some of the Jim Carrey improvs in the movie and I bet the DVD will have a bunch of outtakes.  I have to say I know nothing of the books.  The movie itself is based off of three of the stories.  The story in the movie itself was good but not great.  Without revealing any spoilers I was a bit disappointed in how it wrapped up on the end.  On the acting side all three kids (well four kids as the baby was played by twins) were good.  In my opinion Meryl Streep was the best actor in the film and she played a very humorous role.  The supporting cast was also very solid.  On a scale that went to ten it would be a 6 or a 6.5 in my book.

Friday the UW Husky volleyball team collapsed in the final four and lost to Stanford 3-2 it was a good run for the women but it is a bummer that they fell short of the title by one game.

The reivew of Spanglish came out on the Seattle Times on Friday and I was really surprised that it only got 1.5 stars (I think their ratings go to five stars).  I think it is a much better movie than that. 


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