Paul Davies gets a write up on Wired News

Paul Davies is a friend of mine.  We worked together for a few years but he made no pretence as to where he passion was.  Being a software program manager was just his "day job".  His real interest was in making art.  For awhile when living in Seattle he lived in a warehouse south of Safeco field.  He built himself a few rooms to live in and then the rest of the space was his workshop.  Bands also rented space to rehearse in.  One of my favorite times was when we got really drunk in London on a business trip.  A few years back he quit his software gig and moved back east to work on his art full time.
It is good to see that he is getting recognition for the work he does.  Wired magazine’s Wired News had a write up about his new art exhibit at the Redhead (125 Maiden Lane in Manhattan).  If you live in Seattle you can see one of his pieces in the SOIL 1995-2005: A Retrospective.  If you have not been to the SOIL gallery it is down in Pioneer Square area and is open Thursday – Sunday noon to 5 pm.
Congrats to Paul!

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