T-Birds hockey

On Wednesday night I went to the T-Birds hockey game where they came another game closer to taking the lead away from Everett by beating them 2-1.  This was a rescheduled game due to the fact that the Seahawks were in the playoffs.  The crowd was kind of small which was suprising with Everett being the second closest city to Seattle.  Everett scored about a minute into the second period and the T-Birds scored with about a minute left in that period.  The goal about seven minutes into the third period sealed the win for the T-Birds.  I have to say that it was very impressive to see how they T-Birds hustled.  It had been awhile since I had seen this hustle in them.
Tonight they played the hated Portland Winterhawk.  Last night in Portland the T-Birds won 9-1 so you figured tonight would be a closer game.  I was hoping for free pizza (if the T-Birds score six or more goals everyone gets a coupon for free pizza) and the T-Birds did not let me down.  Portland got the first goal about half way through the first period.  About four minutes into the second the T-Birds tied it up and out came the Teady bears as tonight was the Teady bear toss night and it took about eight minutes to clear the ice.  The T-Birds scored again about half way through the second period and then about a minute later.  Portland made it close by scoring a minute or so into the third period but the Thunderbirds scored about two minutes later knocking out the goalie in the process.  It is not very often you seen some just knocked out face down on the ice and after about a minute and a half they had him up and they dragged him off of the ice.  Around 8 minutes into the period James McEwan got his first goal in the WHL.  About a minute later the T-Birds scored again and that would be the final score of 6-2.  In the last 10 minutes of the game there were plenty of fight between the two teams.
The T-Birds are now 27-22-1-4 and Portland is 21-28-3-2.  The T-Birds are six points behind Everett and we can gain a few more points on them on Tuesday night.  Hopefully Portland will make them a bit tired when those two teams play tomorrow.

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