Block Party All Stars featuring Dave Chappelle

I have been kind of holding off on bloging about this because I was hoping to have photos to attach but I guess I will have to add them later…
On Sunday 2/19 I went over to the Paramount theatre to see Dave Chappelle and his Block Party All Stars.  Dave was doing a small promotional tour for his movie that came out last Friday; Block Party.  The show started out with Harold Gomez who had been a local comedian that had won the 2002 Seattle International Comedy Competition.  He had a great joke about how the Seahawks got screwed in the Super Bowl.  After that Dave Chappelle came out and he did a short comedy routine.  He had some funny lines and Dave does a great job with hecklers in the audience.  Dave left the stage so that one of his Block Party All Stars could come out and perform and the first performer was Mos Def.
Mos Def (Dante Smith) is a hip-hop artist and also an actor.  He has not been in a ton of films but he had big parts in the Italian Job and also in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.  He also has a new movie that came out last Friday called 16 Blocks.  He was also in about seven of the Chappelle’s show on Comedy Central.  He said he was missing his band but he did a good job with just a DJ in performing many songs. 
Dave came out with the actor whose name I did not catch who plays him as a kid or maybe it was inner child and they had a few laughs out on stage.
Next up was Erykah Badu (Erica Wright) who is an amazing singer/performer.  She played a lot of great songs and I was a bit disappointed that some people started to heckle her a bit because they wanted more Chappelle.  She a great band and she herself played some instruments.
In the end Dave came back out on stage and joined with Mos and Erykah for a few numbers to close out the night.  It was a fun night and the crowd overall really enjoyed the show.

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