Disney Digital 3D and “Meet the Robinsons”

In November 2005 I blogged about the mystery behind Disney Digital 3D and just how hard the theatres were hard to find.  Many months later the theatres are still hard to find but I know more about Disney Digital 3D.  It turns out that Disney Digital 3D is not unique technology to Disney but just the branded version of REAL D Cinema.  With circular polarized glasses you get a fun 3D effect added to a film.  The first time I remember seeing something like this was for Captain EO at Disneyland.  At Disney in general you now see this effect at their attractions like "It’s Tough to be a Bug" or "Honey I shrunk the audiance."
Yesterday I went and saw Meet the Robinsons in Disney Digital 3D.  I think it added to the visual experience.  You really felt as the rain fell that you were out in the storm.  Of course at a Disney park they would have drops of water fall on you but that is a theatre built to add those type of effects.  I think as a whole the 3D effect was a bit underdone.  Perhaps you get so used to it that you do not notice just how much it is being used but I tended to think that there could have been more.  Before Meet the Robinsons they showed a Donald Duck/the Chipmonks short called Working for Peanuts that Disney created in 1953 with the 3D effect.  I seem to think I had seen the cartoon before but this was the first time it was seen in the theatres with the full 3D effect that they had experimented with even back then.  I really liked the story and the graphics in Meet the Robinsons and I think it would be enjoyed even without the added 3D experience.  One of the trailers they showed before the film was for a U2 Vertigo tour concert in 3D.  The effects for that looked really good.  I dug up the current list of current or upcoming films and I listed them at the bottom of this blog entry.
The locations to see movies in 3D has greatly increased since Nov. ’05.  This link will let you find one near you.  I went down to Auburn to see it but there is a theatre in Seattle now.  The bummer was that there was a $2.50 additional charge to see it in 3D but you do get to see the glasses if that is worth something to you.  Here is the list of theatres within a resonable drive from Seattle:
AMC Pacific Place 11 — Seattle
Regal Auburn Staduim 17 — Auburn
Regal Everett Mall Stadium 16 — Everett
Regal Longston Place Stadium 14 — Puyallup
Galaxy Monroe 12 — Monroe
3D films that use Real D:
Chicken Little (Nov 2005)
Monster House (May 2006)
Meet the Robinsons (March 2007)
The Nightmare before Chirstmas (3D in 2006, will be out again at Halloween in 2007)
Beowolf (Nov 2007)
U2 — Vertigo: Live (Fall 2007)
Journey 3-D (Aug 2008)
Monsters vs. Aliens (2009)

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