The Strangercrombie auction and the third time is the charm?

This post is rated PG-13 — you have been warned.
I do not read The Stranger weekly newspaper all that often so I was not all that familiar with their annual holiday gift on-line auction called the Strangercrombie but my little brother sent me a link to it since he saw there were a few things I might be interested in.  I saw something from Pearl Jam that I thought might be fun to have but then I noticed that the money went to Farestart.  That kind of turned me off as I am at odds with Farestart only they do not know that.  About six years ago I was at the Taste of Washington and I ended up buying some wine in the silent auction where the money went to them.  This put me on their mailing list which was fine as I think that they have a good cause and who does not like to go and eat food in a restaurant.  At some point, the mail started to come but instead of being addressed to me it was addressed to "Allen".  I saw they had an email address on whatever I had been sent and I dropped a note and said that my first name was wrong.  The replied back and said they had been having some data entry problems but they would fix it.  The next few mailing arrived correctly but then after that they were back to being addressed to "Allen".  Even after my move and the fact that I have not updated my home address with them I still get mail addressed to "Allen".  Since they cannot get my name right I have not thought a lot about them as a charity over the years.  But back to my story, I look through the rest of the catalog on-line and found at least one unique experience I wanted to give myself and one that I wanted to give a friend for Christmas.  I also saw something that I had bought twice before in other auctions and then never got around to using before it expired so if I won it I vowed to myself that I would in fact used it this summer!
Here are the four things I ended up getting in the auction with text taken completely from the Strangercromie auction catelog:
Date III: Agua Verde — This is the one I have bought twice and never used.  This one has a unique twist in an unrelated gift certificate.  I am not sure who it will be used on but then again I have no idea who is going along on this "date".
"Paddle a kayak donated b Agua Verde around picturesque Portage and Union Bays, then enjoy a margarita and Baja-inspired Mexican food upstairs in the cafe.  Plus a gift certificate for online lingerie shopping at"
Moe for 11 — Who wants in?
"Spend an evening with 10 friends sampling drinks and food from Moe’s new, more elaborate menu.  You’ll have the attentions of an obliging bartender and a little additional chow courtesy of Via Tribunali pizzeria."
HUMP! — This one was a gift for someone who would never buy this for them self but I hope will enjoy a unique experience like this — I am so in the dark about this type of film festival.  This will go down as the most "out there" Christmas gift I have ever given someone (and indirectly also their SO).  I really should have kept the SLUT shirt — that still makes me laugh.
"Two tickets to Seattle’s most popular amateur porn festival (last year was so sold the fuck out, people were weeping on the sidewalk) and a gift basket from Babeland full of utensils to help you do filthy things to each other afterward.  Includes an ecumenical selection of porn (dyke, gay, straight), the Sex Pack (a stack of position cards), a sex sling, Babeland body-massage candles, lube, a sliver-bullet vibrator, condoms, his ‘n’ hers SLUT T-shirt, and more, more, more."
Party at Neumo’s — When can we all go, please let me know when you are free?
"A VIP party in their VIP room for you and 99 guests, a drink of the night created in your honor, a secret password, and a private bartender."

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