The PCC Natural Markets have classes — who knew?

Late last week I got an email which said "you are getting your ass out of bed on Saturday morning and coming to the Fremont PCC".  What pray tell was I going to the PCC about?  Why it was a class called "Free Walk, Talk and Taste Class"; This 90-minute tour is packed with samples, food facts, recipes and new products to try. With expert guidance you’ll set off on an adventure through our aisles to discover a world of naturally delicious choices for healthy, great-tasting meals. You’ll receive easy recipes with nutritional information, plus 30-minute menu plans and a valuable shopping coupon.
So there I was at 10 am on a walking tour though the store.  Our guide was Rita Condon who is a 20 year vegetarian and while she was not over the top with this she gave out a lot of good advice on eating healthy and some great ideas on cooking as we walked through the store.  In the product aisle the common theme was to eat what is in season.  Eating out of season produce has extra costs such as pollution from shipping or storage.  Many local products can be stored locally in low oxygen environments and last to longer seasons like apples or pears.  The nice thing was that they listed where each product was from and had color coding on the signs to indicate local product.
In the meat section I learned about grass feed beef.  Cows are not natural corn consumers and should live their life eating only grass.  I bought some steaks but the claim is that they will taste almost the same as those feed only corn or even a middle ground where they are feed grass up until the last few weeks when the marble up on corn.  I will try and post about how the taste may differ.
In breads, Rita was a big fan of spelt especially those in the refridgerated section. 
There are lots of great choices in the bulk section and you can get good healthy brown rice or an all natural pancake mix — and do not forget the organic maple syrup.
In the end we had some great slices of lady finger pears and some great Beecher’s Cheese curds (market herb) which was really really good.
One thing I noticed was that throughout the store they had these little markers that with the Kid’s picks.  I am somewhat of a picky eater but I have to agree that every time I saw the Kid picks signs I would agree that it was something that I would enjoy to eat. Smile  Another nice thing was that I found Cascade Fresh again.  When I was in the 20/20 program at the Pro Club this was the yogurt they recomemnded but it had seem to disappear from Safeway over the years but here it was at PCC.
Lastly, I should thank the person who dragged me to the class.  I think she felt that I threw her under the bus by me telling the group in the class that I was only there because I had gotten an email that said I needed to show up.  She had my health on her mind and she went out of her way to invite me to go which I really appreciate.  I had a good time hangout out with her — in a grocery store no less — and I learned a lot.  One other thing is that they have cooking classes at PCC also and I might have to now go check one of those out.  One last thing is that when we took the class we got a coupon which was $10 off spending $40 or more.  What a great deal!

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